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Silver Cloud 11" Smudge Stick: Silver Sage, Red Cedar & Sweetgrass Mix


The ritual burning of herbs, both in natural forms and as incenses, has been used in many cultures throughout the ages. Native American use smudge for purification in ceremonies to create a sacred space...

"Fluorescent Ranch" Smudge Sticks are dried sage bundled together and tied with twine. As you move through the space wafting the sacred smoke, the smoke transforms negative energy into positive and drives away any unwanted energetic influences.

  • Silver Sage
  • Red Cedar
  • Sweetgrass

Each "Fluorescent" Smudge Stick comes with an instructional leaflet, giving you the basic information to do your own space clearing.

Please note: Sage Smudge may not be suitable for people with respiratory conditions or around young children, as the smoke is quite heavy and profuse when the smudge is being burned.

Condition New
Weight 0.06kg