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Simon Middleton - Brand New You: Reinventing Work, Life & Self Through the Power of Personal Branding (Book)

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Are you looking for a career change or a promotion? Trying to win your first job or facing redundancy? Do you feel you need a more positive and successful approach to relationships? Are you stuck in a rut of self-doubt and low self-image? Or are you just a bit fed up with the old you? If so, it's time to change your personal 'brand'!

By applying the simple strategies well known to the world's great brands, you can make dramatic, positive and lasting change in every aspect of your life. In this book you'll learn to step outside your own skin to discover and reveal your own authentic brand story - and how to position yourself to achieve your personal and professional brand objectives. Brand New You isn't a book about firm handshakes or dressing appropriately for interviews - it goes much deeper than that. It's about crafting and telling your new life story, and then living it!
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