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SPECIAL OFFER: The Complete Glyn Edwards Book & CD Package (August 2019) - £108.37

This newly updated package (August 2019) gives you all of renowned medium & teacher Glyn Edwards' books and CDs with a great 20% discount.

These books and CDs will help you look at all aspects of mediumistic and spiritual unfoldment by one of the great mediums of our time.

This package comprises of:

The Potential of Mediumship - Expanded Edition (Book)

The Spirit World in Plain English (Book)

Spirit Gems (Book)

Glyn Edwards Remembered (Book) - New Title for 2019

Reflections with Glyn Edwards (Book) - New Title for 2019


Sitting in the Power: Sitting in the Power 2002 & Sensory Awareness (Double CD)

Merging with Spirit Consciousness: Sitting in the Power 2005 & Mediumistic Unfoldment (Double CD)

Developing Your Mediumship (Audio CD)

Developing Trance & Physical Mediumship (Audio CD)

Working with Spirit (Double CD)

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That's £135.46 worth of these wonderful books & CDs on mediumistic unfoldment for only £108.37 (plus postage)
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