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SPECIAL OFFER: The Complete Glyn Edwards Book Package (August 2019) - £47.99

This package gives you all of renowned medium & teacher Glyn Edwards' books with a 15% discount.

These books will help you explore all aspects of mediumistic and spiritual unfoldment by one of the great mediums of our time.

This package comprises of the three classic books by Glyn Edwards & Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston):

The Potential of Mediumship: A Collection of Essential Teachings & Exercises - Expanded Edition (Book)

The Spirit World in Plain English: Mediumistic & Spiritual Unfoldment (Book)

Spirit Gems: Essential Guide for Spiritual, Mediumistic & Creative Unfoldment (Book)

Plus the newly compiled books by Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston)

Glyn Edwards Remembered: A renowned medium remembered - Collection of memories & teachings

Reflections with Glyn Edwards: A book of quotations for meditation & reflection  (Book)

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