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Suzanne Corbie - Goddess Workshop CD

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Goddess Workshop CD with Suzanne Corbie

Suzanne Corby presents a unique and wonderful workshop recording that enables us to connect with the Goddess. Simple and easy exercises along with guided visualisations take the listener on an inspiring and empowering journey to meet with the Divine. Includes detailed sleeve notes by Suzanne.

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. The Divine Feminine
  3. The Triple Goddess - Virgin Maiden Goddess
  4. Meditation to connect with the Maiden Goddess
  5. The Mother Goddess
  6. Meditation to connect with the Mother Goddess
  7. Affirmations and exercises for the Full moon
  8. The Dark Goddess
  9. Meditation on the Crone
  10. Affirmations and exercises for the Dark Moon
  11. The Goddess of Love
  12. Meditation to Connect with the Goddess of love
  13. Affirmations and exercises for the Goddess of Love
  14. Connecting with The Goddess
  15. The Gnostic prayer "Thunder, Perfect Mind"


Featuring music from Celtic Reiki by Chris Conway & Llewellyn.

About Suzanne Corbie

Suzanne Corbie has been a student of pagan and spiritual traditions for over 30 years, working with many different traditions and spiritual disciplines and her teaching focus is about empowering others to understand their life's purpose and to turn negative situations into transformative steps on the path to a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Suzanne has read and studied the tarot for 30 years and has taught it for the last seven. She regularly teaches classes and workshops in tarot around the country as well as the sacred theatre of the tarot workshops, enabling participants to gain insight into the tarot by acting out the cards themselves.

Suzanne has been seen on MTV reading the cards for Jerry Hall in her series 'Kept Man' and has been featured in the Express, Mirror, Daily Mail, Independent and Paranormal Norfolk as well as numerous radio shows such as Century FM, Dragon FM and LBC and now has her own monthly radio show 'Seeking Wisdom' on myspiritradio. Suzanne read the tarot for live callers in her own weekly show on Sky with Destiny TV.

Suzanne is also the author of the Witchcraft Correspondence Course for the ICES College of Esoteric Studies and teaches wicca, practical magic, tarot, sacred theatre and Goddess Empowerment workshops. She was the main author of the Spirit and Destiny Psychic Development Course and is the organiser of the popular Psychic Cafes in east Kent.

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