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The Mother's India Fragrance Incense Fan Gift Set - 12 Fragrances (72 Mini-Sticks) (Vegan)

Fair Trade Product & Now Vegan (no honey in the incense) & Plastic Free

The Mother's India Fragrances are hand rolled incense, made from pure and natural ingredients.

This fragrance fan gift set contains 6 mini-sticks of each of the 12 Mother's India Fragrances:

  • Aditi: A stunning blend of gentle lavender, purifying green sage and earthy patchouli. It is sweet, but has a touch of wildness. A slightly understated fragrance what is rejuvenating and relaxing.
  • Amrita: New fragrance in the range, Amrita is warm, comforting cinnamon mixed with earthy patchouli and cedarwood, to form a rustic blend of earthy woods and scintillating spices. It attracts good fortune and brings spice to your life!
  • Ganesh: A rich and sumptuous fragrance, feminine and happy. An extremely cleanand warm incense, this perfect match of ingredients has been described as "a triumph of the incense making art"
  • Lila: Lila is a beautifully sweet, powdery crisp patchouli,blended with earthy vetiver and green and mossy oak, with a little spice "an open invitation to prosperity".
  • Meera: A beautiful, Indian fragrance based on the ancient fragrance of Heena, with a comforting base of sandalwood and cedar. Strong and confident, a very special and traditional fragrance.
  • Om: An "aromatic nirvana" of cassia, vanilla and amber. It is earthy nad grounding, rich and perfectly balanced. Ideal for meditation.
  • Oudh: The warm, velvety fragrance of Agarwood. It is deep, rich and sensuous, the scent of 1001 Arabian Nights, a classic oudh.
  • Prem: A perfect blend of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Cedar with a base of woody resins. It is pure, fresh, sweet and lively. Prem means love, spiritual, heavenly love, and this is the incens eto embody it.
  • Rishi: A strong, sweet red rose with a fresh and sparkling heart of jasmine and powdery violets. Uplifting and energizing and friendly.
  • Sattva: Strong, clean, pure and masculine, this is a well balanced and modern fragrance.
  • Shanti Nag Champa: With a woody base, and blended beautifully with rose and jasmine, this fragrance has its roots in the traditional tempe fragrance of India. It is based on the sweet and delicate aroma of the Indian golden Champa Flower, also known as the flower of paradise.
  • Yoga: a stunning sandalwood blend, in the best of sandalwood traditions. A beautiful combination of oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver, with centre stage for sandalwood.

Try all twelve and find your favourites
(6 of each fragrance, 72 mini-sticks in total)

Each stick will burn for 20+ minutes approx.

Please note: As they no longer are plastic wrapped, sometimes the corners of the fan may be a little dented.

Condition New
Weight 0.2kg