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Theresa Cheung - An Angel Changed My Life (Book)

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An Angel Changed My Life (Book) by Theresa Cheung

Sometimes, kelp comes from where we least expect it ...

Theresa Cheung, angel expert and author of bestselling titles including An Angel on my Shoulder and An Angel Healed Me, is hack with a new collection or inspiring true stories about how our guardian angels can offer help, protection, comfort and direction in times of trouble and, by so doing, transform our lives forever. An Angel Changed M y Life brings together a fascinating anthology of ordinary people's extraordinary experiences where angelic intervention has inspired them to turn their lives around.

  • A teenager drowning in an icy river finds himself unaccountably brought to dry land
  • A dying child inexplicably recovers alter a visit torn a mysterious stranger
  • A grieving widow finds comfort, support and purpose from angel signs
  • A businessman is saved from certain death by a warning from his departed wife
  • A grandmother discovers superhuman strength when her grandchild, is in danger

These and many more uplifting, true-life accounts of miraculous healing and guidance offer us a much-needed tonic in a troubled world. These stories show us how angels can bring a sense of wonder and gratitude to our lives, and give us a meaning and purpose we never knew we had.

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of psychics and spiritualists. She has been involved in the research of psychic phenomena for over twenty-five years. A professional writer and journalist, ske is the author of a number of bestselling books.

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