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TJ Higgs - Signs from the Afterlife (Book)

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TJ Higgs - Signs from the Afterlife (Book)

Reading the signs... Packed full of astonishing true stories, Signs from the Afterlife reveals how leading psychic medium TJ Higgs receives messages and communicates amazingly accurate information from the Other Side. She also describes how we can use her powerful techniques for ourselves.

TJ explains how to recognise and read the signs sent to us by those who have passed over. Through learning to decode subtle symbols from the Afterlife, we too can connect more closely with our departed loved ones and become masters of our own destinies.

TJ HIGGS appears on hit TV shows including Psychic Private Eyes and The Three Mediums, and runs her own centre for psychic development. In Signs from the Afterlife, she shares the secrets that have made her the star she is today.

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