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Tom Lowenstein - Treasures of the Buddha

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Buddhism is one of the world's great living faiths, as well as being one of its oldest. Over the centuries Buddhism spread throughout Asia's kaleidoscope of cultures, succeeding not by the might of military conquest but by virtue of its compelling message - the appeal of its revolutionary ideas and profound insights.

Treasures of the Buddha presents, in stunning colour photographs, a vivid portrait of this venerable religion, its teachings and its great treasures - from its place of origin in northern India and out among the different kingdoms and empires of central, southern and eastern Asia.

The book looks at each geographical region in turn and examines Buddhism's influence on and contribution to the culture and its incredible legacy of artefacts and monuments. The authoritative commentary sets the breathtaking creations of Buddhist artists and craftspeople in their geographical, historical and artistic contexts and explains the significance and meaning of the faith's exquisite devotional paintings and sacred emblems.
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