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Tony Stockwell - Healing the Wounded Soul (CD)

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This CD is designed to lead the listener, through a series of experiences using visualisations, affirmations and mantras as an aid to healing the part of them that needs it most. So many of us live incredibly busy lives filled with distractions. We may well function with little acknowledgement of who we truly are and what it is our soul needs to express. It is hoped the experiences you may have whilst listening to this CD will be positive and helpful to you and have a beneficial effect upon your well being.

Contains the following exercises:

  1. Into the Power.
  2. Visualisation exercise
  3. For those struggling with the loss of a loved one. 
  4. For those in need of physical and emotional healing. 
  5. Relationship Healing.
Each exercise featuring fantastic music from New world Music artists.

This item is released in November 2008
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