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Tony Stockwell - Path to Trance Mediumship

Exercises for Development

Little has been written or recorded regarding this fascinating form of mediumship, mainly because it has been shrouded in mystery.

In simple terms, I believe that we are spiritual beings here on the earth to have a physical experience. I also believe that we are helped and guided by other spiritual beings that dwell in the ‘other world’ a spirit world.

These beings may have an important message for us to receive or simply wish to gather closer to us that we might know that their love for us is positive and pure.

Trance is a blending of your own mind and theirs. Trance is a form of mental Mediumship and works in a very similar way to that which we are more used to seeing, when Mediums give messages from a platform or in a private situation, it just works on a different level of awareness and blending. In this state spirit beings are able to merge with our minds so completely that we may truly understand who they are; their personality, physicality, manner and beyond this what it is they wish to impart and share or how they wish to work with us; Sometimes for healing, communication, personal development, spiritual guidance amongst others. Trance blending is often gradual and builds up over a number of years.

Contains the following exercises on:
1. The Way of Trance - An Introduction.
2. Invoking the Spirit Within – The Trance Connection.
3. The Realm of Trance Mediumship
4. The Spiritual Robe
5. Sit to Channel Philosophy
6. Conclusion

Please note: Tony believes that Mediumship Development is at its best when under the supervision of an experienced tutor who works with you in person. This CD should be used as an aid to ongoing development and not as a replacement for it.
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