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Walter Lubeck - Rainbow Reiki (book)

Please note: Slightly shop soiled on bottom of book

This work on Reiki is based on the Usui system of Reiki. It expands on traditional Reiki through highly-developed techniques of energy work. Readers should discover how to make Reiki essences, perform guided aura and chakra work and develop Reiki mandalas.

"Rainbow Reiki uses all the possibilities of traditional Reiki. During 10 years i´ve done a lot of research about the history of Reiki and new ways to use it. Soon I found explanations for the results of Reiki energy work in shamanic and Huna philosophy. Out of this and new research about the energy work and spiritual understanding of Reiki Founder Mikao Usui I developed a complete system which incudes working together with spirits, producing Reiki-Essences, which are like the-healing-spirit-in-a-bottle, new, very effective and easy to handle Aura/Chakra Work and a system to combine Reiki and healing with gemstones. The effects of the Reiki-Essences are proven by medical professionals. The essays about it with all details are printed in the book. I hope that many Reiki-friends will use Rainbow Reiki methods for healing themselves, their friends and clients and the suffering nature around us. Love and Light may be with You." Walter Lubeck
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